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  1. Übersicht der HPLC DIOL Phasen aus unserem Lieferprogramm. >>PDF HPLC DIOL Phasen Unter dem angeführten Link gelangen Sie zum Produkt PDF. Das PDF können sie herunterladen und speichern mit einem Rechtsklick. Bitte beachten Sie, dass in diesem PDF lediglich die Phasenbeschreibung und die entsprechenden Artikelnummern zu den verschiedenen Phasen angezeigt werden. Für die Bestellung von.
  2. Overview of the HPLC DIOL phases from our product range. >>PDF HPLC DIOL Phases Click on the link below to access the product PDF. The PDF can be downloaded and saved with a right click. Please note that in this PDF only the phase description and the corresponding article numbers for the different phases are displayed. To order bulk material in your desired dimension and quantity, please.
  3. iumoxide, an denen reine Adsorptionsvorgänge an den polaren OH-Gruppen zur Trennung.
  4. Diols Shodex HPLC applications for developing analytical methods using Shodex brand columns. Diols Shodex HPLC applications for developing analytical methods using Shodex brand columns. Welcome, Visitor! Site Map; Support: +1.646.470.9345; Cart (0) Toggle navigation. Home My Account; Technical . Manuals & References; Literature & Posters; Shodex Knowledge Base Beta; Purchasing . Shodex.

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Abbildung 01: Ein Probenprofil für Normalphasen- und Umkehrphasen-HPLC-Chromatogramme gemäß der Polarität der Komponenten im Analyten. Typischerweise enthält die stationäre Phase Siliciumdioxid, Cyano, Diol, Amino-gebundene Phasen usw. Zu den mobilen Phasen gehören organische Lösungsmittel wie Hexan, Ethylacetat usw. Diese Technik. Der HPLC-Tipp im März HILIC und Co oder: HILIC ist nicht gleich HILIC! von Dr. Stavros Kromidas, Saarbrücken Der Fall Die Trennung von stark polaren Komponenten mittels HPLC stellt oft eine echte Herausforderung dar. Nachfolgend stichwortartig einige Möglichkeiten: RP-Modus Wasseranteil sowie Salzkonzentration im Eluenten erhöhen (z.B. bis 90%, bei bestimmten stationären Phasen bis 95.

Diols were analyzed using RSpak DE-613 (a column for reversed phase chromatography). Sample : Glycols Ethylene glycol, 1,2-Ethanediol Trimethylene glycol, 1,3-Propanediol Tetramethylene glycol, 1,4-Butanediol Pentamethylene glycol, 1,5-Pentanediol Hexamethylene glycol, 1,6-Hexandiol Column : Shodex RSpak DE-613 (6.0mmI.D. x 150mm) Eluent : H 2 O Flow rate : 1.0mL/min Detector : Shodex RI. Separation of Nitroanilines on HPLC Column packed with silica gel using hexane (mobile phase component A) mixed with • silica (strongest) > amino > diol > cyano (weakest) Mobile Phase (solvent) is non-polar • hexane, iso-octane, methylene chloride, ethyl acetate, etc. More polar compounds are more retained Retention decreases as polarity of mobile phase increases Reasons to choose.

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HPLC columns for Normal Phase Chromatography. Whilst historically it was the earliest form of HPLC, normal phase separations have recently received less attention due to the belief that it is complicated and unpredictable. However, normal phase chromatography is a powerful tool for the separation of positional isomers that are difficult to separate in reversed phase mode. Due to a rigid. LC-Diol columns can be used to separate proteins by gel filtration chromatography; when operated with an aqueous buffer, the diol phase shields the silica surface from interacting with proteins. The separation of steroids and sterols is commonly done using a diol column under normal phase conditions

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The YMC Diol-NP stationary phase is a versatile alternative to silica for normal phase separations. The bonded layer's-OH groups provide good selectivity without excessive retention, since hydrogen bonding with the Diol-NP layer is not as strong as one with the silanols on a bare silica surface BISCHOFF Analysentechnik u. -geräte GmbH - Hersteller von HPLC Säulen und HPLC Systemen und Geräten sowie Handel von HPLC Zubehör Selectivities of Inertsil Diol and Inertsil SIL-100A(a pure Silica gel column) are compared. Inertsil Diol shows higher selectivity for those compounds. 9 compounds are eluted by Inertsil Diol and other normal phase columns of Inertsil series. By comparing their retention times of each compound, it is noticeable that Inertsil Diol provides stable retention for all of the compounds, including.

HPLC Säulen aus unserem großen Sortiment für die unterschiedlichsten Trennungen. Fast immer lässt sich aus unserem Angebot die passenden Trennsäule für Ihr ganz eigenes Trennproblem entnehmen. HPLC Säulen von namhaften Herstellern Wir verfügen über eigene Füllmaterialien ProntoSIL, HiPAK, PolyEncap, ebenso wie über die Füllmaterialien anderer namhafter Hersteller 2. Analytische HPLC-Säulen auf Kieselgelbasis 2.1 HPLC-Phasen Normalphasen SiOH Silica OH Diol-modifiziertes Silica CN Cyano-modifiziertes Silica NH2 Amino-modifiziertes Silica Umkehrphasen C30 C30-modifiziertes Silica C18 C18-modifiziertes Silic To the best of our knowledge, no high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) methods for the simultaneous analysis of AGs have been described so far with a diol-type stationary phase. With the aim of gaining a deeper insight into the main force(s) governing AG retention with the employed diol-type phase, the first objective of the present study was to maximize the chemoselectivity of the. Keywords: Diol; HPLC; HPLC-MS; normal phase; procyanidin; preparative HPLC; flavanols; cocoa . Cited By This article is cited by 139 publications. Wen Jiang, Xiaohua Zhou, Yang Yang, Zhiming Zhou. Integrated Utilization of Red Radish for the Efficient Production of High-Purity Procyanidin Dimers. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2018, 66 (35) , 9291-9300. DOI: 10.1021/acs.jafc.

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As the Amino, and Cyano bonded phases, Diol adsorbent can be used in the Normal Phase mode with organic solvents. Recommended Applications: Food additives from beverages, Alkaloids from plants, Antibiotics from ointments, Pesticides, and Prostaglandins. Diol Flash Diol Gravity Diol MPLC Diol HPLC Premium Pure Diol HPLC Premium R LiChrospher®-Füllmaterialien sind zuverlässige und vielseitige sphärische Kieselgelträger, die in verschiedenen Modifikationen erhältlich sind. Die polar modifizierten Phasen LiChrospher® CN, LiChrospher® NH2 und LiChrospher® DIOL sowie das nicht modifizierte LiChrospher® Si eignen sich am besten für die Normalphasen-HPLC The goal of this work was to characterize silica hydride based diol stationary phases for HPLC. A wide range of compounds with varying polarities were analyzed. Retention was observed under ANP and RP conditions. Two representative silica hydride based diol stationary phases were compared to demonstrate the effect that the length of the bonded phase has on the separation capabilities of the.

Meanwhile, it could be compatible with high aqueous mobile phases. Application. The Diol HPLC column is suitable for both normal phases, reversed-phase and hydro up interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC). At the same time, its surface could be easily wetted by water to form a water-rich layer, which can be used for the analysis and separation of strong polar compounds in HILIC mode. It can. Leaders in Innovative HPLC Column Technology for over 40 years SFC separations, one of these phases is GreenSep Diol 3um. This stationary phase has proven superior to conventional stationary phases (such as cyano, etc...) in the areas of separation selectivity, peak shape and loading capacity. GreenSep Diol is a specialty phase designed for SFC with a high density Diol surface coverage. Derartige Wechselwirkungen zwischen den Analyten und einer stationären RP-Phase sind eher der Normalfall, denn es gibt kaum Moleküle, die beispielsweise keinen Sauerstoff, Stickstoff oder eine Hydroxylgruppe enthalten - von Substanzklassen wie Alkanen vielleicht abgesehen, die in der HPLC sicherlich eine untergeordnete Rolle spielen

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  1. Ultisil HILIC Diol column takes ultra-pure spherical porous silica gel as the matrix and 1, 2-dihydroxypropyl as functional groups, to ensure the column packing has excellent stability by maximizing the bond coverage. It is the best choice to replace SiO2 and Diol for HILIC mode
  2. Description of Phenyl HPLC Columns. Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd Phenyl HPLC Column is a matrix of super pure silica gel, and it is bonded to propyl phenyl on the surface of silica gel, and it is processed with a double - end bonding process. The column can be used for separation of polar and aromatic compounds. Advantage of Phenyl HPLC Column
  3. ophasen. Ebenfalls werden Pyridin-, 2- und 4-Ethylpyridin-, 2-Picolyla
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  1. LiChrospher Diol ist ein sphärisches, vielseitig einsetzbares Adsorbent, das mit seiner Dihydroxypropyl-Kette polare und unpolare Eigenschaften aufweist. Somit kann es als weniger polares Packungsmaterial in der Normalphasenchromatographie (LiChrospher Si) eingesetzt werden und kann als weniger hydrophobe Variante im Reversed-Phase-Modus (LiChrospher RP8) dienen. Die ideale Kombination von.
  2. Diol Particularly used for aqueous GPC applications and can also be used for normal phase. Recommended Applications: Food additives from beverages, Alkaloids from plants, Antibiotics from ointments, Pesticides Prostaglandins. Our diol HPLC Premium Pure bonded phases use our Premium Pure Silica Gel as starting material
  3. Triart Diol-HILIC is ideal for a separation of polar and hydrophilic compounds that are not retained by reversed-phase (C18, C8, and others) chromatography. Triart Diol-HILIC begins with an organic/inorganic hybrid-based particle with excellent durability and usability across a wide pH range. Excellent reproducibility is achieved by the use of the dihydroxypropyl group-a neutral functional.
  4. Reversed Phase Columns (PFP, Phenyl Columns) Reversed Phase Columns (PFP, Phenyl Columns
  5. The key difference between reverse phase and normal phase HPLC is that the reverse phase HPLC uses a nonpolar stationary phase and a polar mobile phase whereas the normal phase HPLC uses a polar stationary phase and a less polar mobile phase.. The normal phase HPLC is the oldest technique of HPLC that Tswett used in his separations of plant extracts; he used chalk in a glass column
  6. Reversed-Phase Chromatography is the branch of HPLC that uses a hydrophobic treated silica as the stationary phase. The hydrophobic treatment is derived from a silane bonding agent. Polar solvents, including water, are typically used as the mobile phase. The analytes are separated based on their retention behavior on the stationary phase. More retentive species elute later from the stationary.
  7. HPLC: suitable: L × I.D. 30 cm × 7.8 mm matrix silica particle platform: matrix active group diol phase: particle size 5 μm: pore size 250 Å: operating pH 2.5 - 7.5: suitability suitable for L20 per USP suitable for L59 per USP: mode of chromatography Size exclusion (SEC

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The polar modified phases LiChrospher® CN, LiChrospher® NH 2 and LiChrospher® DIOL, as well as LiChrospher® SI with no modification are best for normal phase analytical HPLC. Furthermore, LiChrospher® PAH is highly efficient and selective for the separation of PAH compounds, as is LiChrospher® WP 300 RP-18 for the separation of peptides and low molecular weight proteins. LiChrospher. Cyano-columns could be used on both normal- and reversed-phase modes of HPLC. NH2. Amino-phase is a weak anion-exchanger. This type of column is mainly used in normal-phase mode, especially for selective retention of aromatic compounds. Diol. Diols are slightly polar adsorbent for normal-phase separations. These are useful for separation of complex mixtures of compounds with different polarity. 3.1.2 Analytische Trennung auf einer Diol-Phase 29 3.1.3 Semipräparative Trennung auf einer Diol-Phase 30 3.2 HPLC-Trennung von cis/trans-Tocotrienolen 32 3.2.1 Zielsetzung 32 3.2.2 Analytische Trennung mit einer RP18-Phase (Multimethode) 32 Vorüberlegung 32 Trennerfolg 32 . II 3.2.3 Analytische Trennung mit einer RP18-Phase (Schwerpunkt cis/trans-Isomere) 34 3.2.4. VDSpher ® Normal Phases. For the normal phase (NP) chromatography, unmodified as well as several modified silica gels are available. A multiplicity of normal phase separations can be enabled by them. The available VDSpher Classic & PUR normal phase modifications and their physical properties are shown in the appropriate Tables

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Amine and diol generally run as normal phase with organic solvents, may run as normal phase from 0 to 50% water, and generally run as reverse phase with more than 50% water Chromegabond® Diol, Polar Bonded Phase HPLC Columns, 60 Å, ES Industries Supplier: ES INDUSTRIES. Chromegabond® 15D211D 112111D 132311D 164311D 16D311D 165311D 134111D 124311D 11D211D 134211D 12D111D 135111D 13D311D 12D311D 112211D 155211D 162311D 122211D 112311D 122111D 114111D 11D311D 134311D 125211D 13D111D 12D211D 115311D 114311D 132211D 115211D 11D111D 125311D 154311D 152311D 122311D. ProntoSIL 120-10 DIOL HPLC Säulen 0,00 € Es befinden sich keine Artikel im Warenkorb; HPLC PHASEN / BULK. HPLC PHASEN / BULK. Silica. HPLC SÄULEN. HPLC SÄULEN. HPLC Säulen aus unserem großen Sortiment für die unterschiedlichsten Trennungen. Fast immer lässt sich aus unserem Angebot die passenden Trennsäule für Ihr ganz eigenes Trennproblem entnehmen. HPLC Säulen von namhaften. Si Diol Reversed Phase C1 CN C4 Phenyl C8 C18 C30 Sample with molecular weight MW > 2000 Probe mit hohem Molekulargewicht (Polymere) MG > 2000 with several different pore sizes mit verschiedenen Porenweiten 1. HPLC in der Laborpraxis 1. HPLC in Laboratory Practice. HPLC-Phasen Tipps zur Phasenauswahl In der modernen HPLC stehen dem Anwender eine Vielzahl von Säulenfüllmateria-lien zur.

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Diol: reverse phase: Phenyl: Reverse phase: Carbamate: Reverse Phase: Reverse and Normal Phase HPLC . A polar stationary phase and a non-polar mobile phase are used for normal phase HPLC. In normal phase, the most common R groups attached to the siloxane are: diol, amino, cyano, inorganic oxides, and dimethylamino. Normal phase is also a form of liquid-solid chromatography. The most non-polar. Triart Diol-HILIC Advantages Triart Diol-HILIC begins with an organic/inorganic hybrid base particle with excellent durability and usability across the wide range of pH 2-10. Triart Diol-HILIC is ideal for a separation of polar and hydrophilic compounds which are not retained by reversed phase (C18, C8, and others) chromatography Diol-bonded silica gel as a restricted access packing forming a binary-layered phase for direct injection of serum for the determination of drugs. Journal of Chromatography A 1995 , 689 (2) , 203-210 What could be ideal packing solvent and slurry solvents to pack the 4.6*100mm- 10um HPLC columns with phases like Ph, DIOL, C4, C1? Hello Everyone, I have packed some columns using Chloroform and.

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  1. o acids and water soluble vita
  2. Normal phase polar lipid HPLC analyses. Polar lipids (in-cluding acylated steryl glucosides, steryl glucosides, and phospholipids) were quantitatively analyzed by a similar method developed for use with an ELSD (12). The polar lipid components were identified by comparison to the retention times of commercial standards. The diol column and flow rates were the same as above. For isocratic.
  3. us charge Diol silica :C-OH (Alcoholic hydroxyl) mild adsorption, neutral charge 1. Same separation property as silica gel with.
  4. Chromegabond Diol Columns based on diol bonding to provide superior, reproducible separations and long column life with excellent peak symmetry. Read Mor
  5. HPLC column Welch Materials for separation in Reversed-Phase with Silica/C1

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HPLC an Diol-phasen ist als erster Vorfraktionierungsschritt bestens geeignet, da im Gegensatz zu Kieselgel alle Aromakomponenten leicht wieder eluiert werden können. Summary. A strawberry jam dichloromethane aroma extract was pre-fractionated by normal phase HPLC on diol. This was preceded by neutralization with aqueous sodium bicarbonate, and removal of fatty acids by gel filtration on. In HPLC, the separations of CLD enantiomers on polysaccharide-based chiral stationary phases with both normal phase and polar organic phase were screened. And the conditions for the enantioseparation were optimized in HPLC and SFC, including the selection of mobile phase, temperature, back-pressure, and other conditions. More important, it was found that the chiral resolutions were greatly. Diol phase. A stationary phase useful in both normal and reversed phase chromatography. It consists of a diol structure (two OH groups on adjacent carbon atoms in an aliphatic chain). It is less polar than silica stationary phases used in normal-phase chromatography but it has been used for the reversed-phase separation of proteins and polypeptides. Leave a Reply. Click here to cancel reply.. Bronopol (2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol) is widely used as an anti-microbial in cosmetics, external medicaments, shampoos and bath preparations. A reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatographic separation method with UV spectrophotometric detection was developed for the determination of br


Normal Phase HPLC Columns Cyano: Rugged, moderate polarity, general use -OH (Diol): More polar and retentive Amino: Highly polar, less stable Silica: Very rugged, low cost,adsorbent (Unbonded) The cyano column with a low polarity mobile phase (hydrocarbon with a amall amount of another solvent) will act as a normal phase column The USP describes a reversed-phase HPLC method for the determination of chloramphenicol in raw material as well as in many pharmaceutical dosage forms . However, this method is used for the analysis of chloramphenicol without this degradation product (2-amino-1-(4-nitrophenyl)propane-1,3-diol). Furthermore, the British Pharmacopoeia (BP) method for the determination of chloramphenicol (assay. YMC™ HPLC Column Quality Assurance Diol (NP): DN Diol (SEC): DL Protein-RP™:PR Pro most advanced HPLC packing, enabling these phases to tolerate the high pressures of modern HPLC. When a silica particle is bonded, residual silanols (unbonded surface silanol sites: -SiOH) can interact with polar sam-ples and eluents. These interactions are desirable with some samples. With basic.

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  1. Solid-phase extraction on reverse-phase C 18 cartridges (Waters Corp.) removed the straight-chain hydroxy fatty acids and separated LTX-diol and iso-LTX-diol from the other components (Figure 4B). Thus, we were able to purify an LTX-diol and iso-LTX-diol isomer mixture to near homogeneity by this procedure. The LTX-diol and iso-LTX-diol isomers were separated by HPLC
  2. e, Cyano, Phenyl, PFP, etc.) - Water/ACN (95/5) to remove buffer - Water/ACN (5/95) - Mobile phase used during the separation - Water/ACN (95/5) - THF - Water/ACN (5/95) - Mobile phase used during the separation Normal Phase Columns (A
  3. What is Endcapping? > back to FAQ main page When we functionalize our silica it is impossible to react with all available silanol groups (free OH groups on the silica surface) so we endcap the residual ones with a capping agent such as trimethylsilylchloride to form Si-O-Si(CH 3) 3.There are two main benefits of end capping

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Bei der Normalphasen-Chromatographie mit gebundenen Phasen kommt als Füllmaterial chemisch umgesetztes, modifiziertes Kieselgel zum Einsatz. Dabei sind an die Silanolgruppen Ketten mit unterschiedlicher Struktur und somit unterschiedlicher Polarität kovalent gebunden. Die häufigsten verwendeten Normalphasen mit gebundener Phase sind Diol-, Cyano (Nitril)- und Aminophasen HP-Diol phase can also be used as size exclusion separation of biological molecules. Sepax HP-Silica HP-Silica phase is made of activated hydroxyl (-OH) functional group with the pore size selection of 60, 120, 200, 300, 500, 1000 and 2000 Å and particle size selection of 1.8, 3, 5, and 10 µm. Carbon loading is 0.0%. HP-Silica is used as the. Eine eher polare stationäre Phase (C 8, C 4, NH 2, CN, Diol etc.) wird für eine längere Zeit in MeOH/Wasser gelagert und es kommt dadurch zu einer partiellen Hydrolyse der funktionellen Gruppen (Bluten der Säule).Der Charakter der Phase wird dadurch polarer, polare Analyte eluieren anschließend später, apolare, früher YMC-Triart Diol-HILIC Analytical HPLC Columns. YMC-Triart Diol-HILIC is ideal for a separation of polar and hydrophilic compounds which are not retained by reversed phase (C18, C8, and others) chromatography. Excellent reproducibility, even at high pH and temperature, is achieved by the use of dihydroxypropyl groups - these are neutral. Reversed phase is more widely practised than normal phased as they can be used universally for polar and non-polar analytes. In addition, this method is very sensitive and flexible as small changes in the composition of the mobile phase (e.g. salts, pH, organic solvents) or the temperature can completely change the separation properties of the system. RP-HPLC is used especially in numerous.

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YMC HPLC Säulen YMC-Pack Diol für SEC. Dieses Packungsmaterial ermöglicht die Analyse einer Vielzahl von verschiedenen großen Proteinen und Peptiden. Das Silica ist mit 1,2-Dihydroxypropan derivatisiert und wird mit verschiedenen Porengrößen angeboten. Proteingröße : Partikelgröße [µm] Porengröße [Å] spezifische Oberfläche [m 2 g-1] pH-Bereich : kleine Proteine: 5: 60: 650: 5. Most of the published HPLC-ELSD methods are normal-phase, with a silica gel or chemically modified silica gels (diol, cyanopropyl, aminopropyl phases) stationary phase and a gradient or isocratic elution, with different solvents; particularly, chloroform: methanol: ammonium hydroxide [12,13] and hexane: isopropanol: water/acids/bases [14]. Recently Pimentel et al. [15] reviewed the analysis.

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Advanced HPLC Method Development 8-3 8-3 Samples with Poor RP Retention ¾Hydrophilic, non-ionic compounds • Normal-phase HPLC (silica, cyano, diol, amino) • HILIC (poly-aspartate or silica) ¾Very hydrophobic compounds • Non-aqueous RP-HPLC (NARP) • Normal-phase HPLC Some samples show poor reversed-phase retention; the sample may be unretained with water as mobile phase Normal phase HPLC-UV (top) with one Supelcosil LC-Diol column and SFC-UV (bottom) with two Supelcosil LC-Diol columns. See Figure 6 for SFC conditions. The peak annotations represent the number of ethoxylate units. 26 Table II. Chromatographic peak retention times (minutes) of POE (5) tert-octylphenol (OPEOs) Separation by SFC using two Supelcosil LC-Diol columns and by HPLC using one. HPLC is the most widely used technique to analyze tocols, and both normal-phase (NP) and reversed-phase (RP) chromatography are applied [3,4,13,41]. Tocols are stable under HPLC conditions, easy to dissolve in appropriate solvents, and there are several detectors that can be combined with HPLC to detect tocols. Fluorescence detection (FLD) and ultraviolet detection (UV) are the most commonly. DIOL NH2, Amino PFP (Pentafluorphenyl) Phenyl Polymer sonstige SCX Si 100 mm 50 - 99 mm < 50 mm 50 mm . Variation HILIC / Aqueous Normal Phase Reversed Phase Normal Phase . Partikelgröße 2,6 µm 3 µm 5 µm 10 µm . Produkte anzeigen . 1 von 104. Artikel pro Seite: Für die Filterung wurden keine Ergebnisse gefunden! TIPP! A411-42CA00. XCORE Si (NP) 2,6 µm (100 Å), 50 x 2,1 mm . HPLC. YMC-Pack Diol and YMC-SEC MAB Biochromatography HPLC Columns. YMC-Pack Diol is available in four tightly controlled porosities and is, therefore, suitable for separation and molecular weight determination of a wide range of peptides, proteins, oligonucleotides, carbohydrates and other biopolymers with molecular weights of approx 200 to several hundred thousand

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YMC-Triart Diol-HILIC; Reversed-Phase HPLC Columns. YMC America offers reversed-phase HPLC columns for superior separation and purification. Our reversed-phase HPLC columns are suitable for analytes including neutral compounds, acidic compounds, basic compounds, hydrophilic compounds, water-soluble vitamins, fat-soluble vitamins, oligosaccharides, organic acids, free amino acids, labeled amino. These columns with high purity base deactivated porous silica are ideal for the separation of basic molecules


Separation of 2,5-Dimethyl-1,4-dithiane-2,5-diol on Newcrom R1 HPLC column. 2,5-Dimethyl-1,4-dithiane-2,5-diol can be analyzed by this reverse phase (RP) HPLC method with simple conditions. The mobile phase contains an acetonitrile (MeCN), water, and phosphoric acid. For Mass-Spec (MS) compatible applications the phosphoric acid needs to be replaced with formic acid. Smaller 3 µm particles. Chromegabond® Diol RP, Traditional Reverse Phase HPLC Columns, 60 Å, ES Industries. Chromatography Columns. ES Industries has developed a wide range of Chromegabond reverse phase columns to provide the means of separating a broad range of compounds. These phases are manufactured using established procedures and have been produced for a number of years to provide the chromatographer/QC. ADS Alkyl-Diol-Silica AS Aminosäure(n) AUC Area under curve Bidest. zweifach destilliertes Wasser Da Dalton DC Dünnschichtchromatographie EDTA Ethylendiamintetraacetat HCl Salzsäure HPLC High Performance Liquid Chromatography INH Isoniazid ISTD Interner Standard KHK Koronare Herzkrankheit M mol/l Min Minute(n) MW Mittelwert 4-PA 4-Pyridoxinsäure PN Pyridoxin PNP Pyridoxin-5'-phosphat PM.

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